trying new things

the thrill of a new endeavor ⚡

I spent the past month vacillating between ideas.

I decided in late July that my relationship with social media needed an overhaul. I've known that for a while, but was too afraid to act on it—afraid of losing followers, friends, the street cred that comes with being active on Twitter. But then authors started migrating to Instagram, and I realized that I was self-sabotaging in a major way.

I hate Twitter. And that's okay. Life is too short to suffer for social media.

In the wake of that realization, I started to research alternatives. I like Instagram, and fully intend to stay active there, but I wanted something that allowed for creative freedom—something that didn't require photography skills or a knack for Reels. I wanted to cultivate a corner of the internet that wasn't beholden to the algorithm.

So I did my due diligence. I researched author platforms—websites, newsletters, run-of-the-mill WordPress blogs. I even went so far as to create a Patreon. But then I discovered Ko-fi, and something clicked.

In other words, this newsletter is going to look a little different from now on.

I'll still be on Twitter, but in terms of social media, I'll be focusing on Instagram. Ko-fi will function as my "blog"—a place for all my content, from micro essays to aesthetic boards to Notion templates. This newsletter will still go out on the last Thursday of every month, and will feature links to recent publications and book-related updates.

The great thing about Ko-fi is that my posts will go straight to your inbox. No more gaming the algorithm! Just me and my pastel-themed Notion templates. Financial support is an option (and much appreciated), but I plan to post a majority of my content for free. All you have to do is create an account and follow my profile.

I'm stupidly excited about this change. And not just because I'm giving myself permission to try something new (i.e., distance myself from Twitter). Ko-fi will allow me to explore and experiment, which is far more important than visibility and reach.

I'm still in the process of setting things up, so I'll be back in a couple of weeks with a link to my Ko-fi. More soon!


💛 August is SMA Awareness Month, so my Instagram feed is full of infographics and micro essays.

🐺 I've published three columns so far this month: "SMA Is Full of Contradictions," "Story by Story, I Write Myself Into the Narrative," and "We Choose to Fight for the People Left Behind."

♿ The latest #SMAMyWay update is live! You can read my article on psychological flexibility and listen to my thoughts on navigating the workplace.

🧵 My thread on climate crises and disability got some traction!

The climate crisis has already begun. Marginalized communities are most at risk, including - especially - folks with disabilities.

If you consider yourself an ally, fight for us. Invite us into the conversation. Remember us when water levels are rising and the world is on fire.

🥀 I'm ~19k into #Ouroboros and having the time of my life. #CrippingRapunzel was a slog, probably because I was half-assing the plot, but drafting #Ouroboros has been a breeze. Check out my Instagram highlight full of excerpts!

Thanks for being here, and for putting up with my social media woes. I can't wait to dive into Ko-fi—I hope you'll join me, financial support or no. Either way, your interest means the world.

Cat noses, fall vibes, and iridescent phone charms (because it's perpetually Y2K),